All the prints that we sell are actual plates and pages from books of varying conditions.

We source the these books in a number of ways:

  • from contact made with a huge amount of dealers around the world.  They were published in most countries.
  • auctions and ex library stock
  • Charities who are often  unable to sell them because of their condition.
  • General public.

A complete good condition book  would sometimes contain up to 50-60 prints and therefore not many parts of books we use are needed to maintain the collection.  Huge numbers of books were printed worldwide in different formats and obviously there are bound to be casualties. (It is a fact that tens of millions of books  are mulched up annually.)

The prints are of varying ages generally from around 1960's to 1980's.  We often have repeats because naturally huge amounts of books were published worldwide by a large amount of publishers.