Welcome to the website for The Print Rescuer.

Here you can find out all about the framed prints we sell and where to find us at shows.

We have no images on this website ( because of copyright issues) but please check  our show dates to see where we will be selling.


We want to provide a mail order service as well as we can but because of the nature of the prints and not really knowing what we will have in stock we would have to rely on you to give us as good an idea in advance of what you are looking for. We do have a database of images that we can send out to you to view.

E-mail enquiries are normally the best way and we only charge you what it actually costs to send it to you , no hidden extras.


We have a good selection of Winnie the Pooh prints and some others at :

Enchanted Plants gift shop

6  The Commons,



Tel: 01747841008

It is always worth ringing them to inquire about stock.